Zouhair has been sharing the magic of Hikayat since 2017 in the Clock Storytelling programme


Since 2014 our friends at Cafe Clock have facilitated apprenticeships for young tellers as well as hosting magical storytelling evenings on Monday and Thursday evenings. We are excited to host those evenings online at World Storytelling Cafe from Thursday 26th March.

The Cafe Clock Tellers are operating here as a collective and will share the same “hat” for donations. Morocco is currently in lockdown and tellers are unable to perform in public with the added complication that state support is extremely limited in a developing country environment. If you can afford to please be generous, even the most modest contribution will go a long way in Morocco.
visit : https://worldstorytellingcafe.com/cafe-clock-tellers/ o learn more and make a donation to zouhir in appreciation of his performance.

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