Witches Throw Me In The Garbage!

Witches Throw Me In The Garbage!

Throw Me In The Trash!!
If it drains you, Get Rid Of It! Your Happiness, Success, Peace & Future Depend on your Energy: affected by music, “news”, foods, sleep, the company we keep.
I was A Real Maniac at the Vault Film Festival, so Witches put me where I Belonged! Kristen Tinsley Moe Meltz Dina My Love

Wanna see me thrown in the trash? Happening again at 2 film festivals in 2021 Chris Marciante Ray VaZquez & Therapeutic Comedy Show at Bay Breeze Inn James Mangiacapre

My January “TV Guide” here to distract you from Wild West World Endings before Brighter Beginnings (we hope):
A Fewww Fun & Public Upcoming LIVE Shows I’m Doin:

Tonight: 7pm: Insomnia Relief- ways to relax, fall asleep & stay asleep on Crown Jewels Yoga & Wellness with Sophia Kehler

WED: 7pm: It Came From The Radio Live Radio Show + Futurescope Comics, Mark Torres Charles Saladino Dominic Sparano

THU: 9:30pm: Charity Fundraiser for CATS Standup Comedy Showcase on “The Dan Romano Show” for Paul Bond with Stephen Kalba Mandy Jones Abe Hannigan Richard Parisi Richard Kern Bonnie Scalisi Billy Geyer + cartoon by There Goes the Neighborhood AlphaCentauri Jefferson….

SATURDAY: 8PM: Hosting Governors Comedyclub Comedy Show with Steve Rocco Parrillo & comics:

JAN20 (WED): 7pm: ” The Conspiracy Horsemen” with Bin Hamin Hamin Media Discussion Group + Dimitrios Papadoniou

JAN25: Remember Marie? Live Showing movie premieres on Facebook (available now to buy/rent Remember Marie? ). I star in the movie as a frazzled working mom married to Aric Grooms Producers: Edward Soto Louis Kent

JAN30 (SAT): 8PM: Standup Comedy Governors Comedyclub . Ya want me to do a dirty or clean set????
+ Mike Nicolia

FEB14: 12-3PM: CONCERT with bands____ on Degy.com @degyent with Bryan Glick
+ more in production, dates tbannounced
……..more FUN shows/films/magazine issues to come to distract from the negative, educate & amuse…while the world crumbles before hopefully being rebuilt BETTER

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