VBA 2020 Night 1

VBA 2020 Night 1

For over 20 years Faith Living Church has hosted a free kid’s event called Vacation Bible Adventure. This year the message is the same but the method is totally different.

We’ll be hosting our very first “Virtual Vacation Bible Adventure” Our goal this year is to reach even further and even wider.

There will be
-Exciting chapel lessons from Pastor Ron
-An awesome production from our drama team
-Prizes to win
-Also this year we’re encouraging Mom and Dad to join their kids and enjoy “Virtual VBA” together as a family.

Our theme this year is “Time Chasers: Disciples Through Time” It all happens July 13-17 starting at 6pm every night. And of course it’s all free.

Register today online at http://faithlivingchurch.com/vacation-bible-adventure

Watch live here

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