Uganda floods, May 2020 (Kasese, Bundibugyo, Ntoroko)

Uganda floods, May 2020 (Kasese, Bundibugyo, Ntoroko)

In May 2020 communities around Uganda’s western Rwenzori mountains found themselves facing a twin humanitarian emergency of Covid-19 and large-scale destruction caused by flash floods when the banks of the Nyamwamba and Mubuk rivers burst. The Kilembe mines hospital was destroyed. The Uganda Red Cross quickly moved in to support affected families, assisting with emergency evacuations, providing first aid and distributing food and non-food items to at least 1,750 people. The non-food relief comprised: cooking pots, jerrycans, cups and plates, cutlery, blankets, soap, tarpaulins and mosquito nets, solar lamps, mats and buckets. After some locally very heavy rainfall in late April and early May, URCS Secretary General Robert Kwesiga said the floods had been foreseen and volunteers in Kasese were able to help alert people to what was expected. “As Uganda Red Cross we have been in Kasese working on other problems like Ebola as well as sensitizing the community about the Covid-19 pandemic,” Kwesiga added. Other districts badly affected included Bundibugyo and Ntoroko.


00:07 Title card
00:08 A section of the widened river Nyamwamba at Busongora.
00:13 Flooded areas of Kanyangeya in Kasese where the river washed away homes
00:22 Jimmy Byaruhanga of Kivegenyi village, Kanyangeya who lost a home and gardens.
00:34 Aerial view of Kanyangeya showing the expanse of the flooded area.
00:39 River Nyamwamba at the point where it crosses Kasese-Hima road
00:46 Gideo Kipurah, a ReD Cross Volunteer gives a situational update.
01:06 Aerial view of the river passing through Kanyangeya
01:11 Gideon Kipurah, a Red Cross volunteer from Kasese branch details the areas that were flooded and where people are currently living.
01:22 River Nyamwamba passing through the Busongora area.
01:26 “Kasese Primary School is hosting about 115 households that have already benefitted from the NFI kits . . .” Gideo Kipurah, Voluteer
01:44 Volunteers offload and arrange the items to be distributed at Kasese Primary School
02:12 Volunteers register the flood survivors during the distribution exercise at Kasese Primary School.
02:23 Volunteers hand out the items to the beneficiaries
02:31 Damaged houses at Kanyangeya in Kasese
02:35 People dig through the sand of their collapsed houses in Kanyangeya to salvage some household items
02:59 “I had just bought a plot. The flood came and washed away my property, cupboards, mattresses. Right now, we are here trying to see what things of ours we can dig out. We woke up and the business and the property were destroyed. Right now we are trying to find the remaining properties that could been buried in our house”
Betty Mbambu, Now staying at Kanyangeya Primary School
03:50 Lucus Mugabe, a volunteer in Busunga, Bundibugyo guides a team from the Red cross on an assessment of the damage to property where river Lamia which separates Uganda from the DRC burst its banks.
03:57 Views of Rwangara fishing village in Ntoroko, where lake Albert’s rising levels have caused flooding and destruction of property.

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