Trailer for MON ONCLE / MY UNCLE

Trailer for MON ONCLE / MY UNCLE

Alia est actrice et elle vit à Rabat avec ses colocataires, Leila et Hind. Elle tente de se frayer un chemin dans le monde du cinéma, en gardant l’espoir de devenir, un jour, une grande actrice. Elle reçoit la visite de son oncle Abderraouf qu’elle n’a pas vu depuis des années. Au fur et à mesure, la cohabitation entre les trois jeunes femmes et Abderraouf devient de plus en plus difficile. Ce second film de Nassim Abassi, a été présenté en Première Mondiale au 16ème Festival International du Film de Marrakech.

English synopsis:
Known for its biting social criticism, “My Uncle” is a humorous, entertaining film that does not shy away from addressing cultural struggles in the modern world. Alia is a struggling actress living in Rabat with her two roommates. As she attempts to navigate her way in cinema – in spite of the negative perceptions of women in the acting profession – she remains diligently optimistic that she will become a famous actress. One day her Uncle Abderraouf, who she barely knows, visits her from out of town. As a result of his visit, Alia’s life is thrown into a comedic confusion of circumstances as she juggles hosting her uncle and pursuing her acting career, while facing problems with her fiancé and his family. Uncle Abderraouf is played by the beloved and legendary comic artist, 80-year old Abderrahim Tounsi, who created a Moroccan Chaplin-style character that was hugely popular in the 1970s and early 80s. This film was presented as a World Premiere at the 16th International Film Festival in Marrakech.

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