The truth on Trump’s covid record is finally coming out (Coronaville, What’s Next)

The truth on Trump's covid record is finally coming out (Coronaville, What's Next)

It’s amazing how little he cares. The host for this episode is Jay Fidell. The guests for this episode are Tim Apicella, Cynthia Lee Sinclair, Stephanie Dalton and Winston Welch.

The panel will cover a number of things that have recently surfaced on Trump’s abysmal record on covid: vaccine or not, the pandemic is still uncontrolled; while it spikes, Trump is still at war with the election; 300,000 dead and no comment by Trump; remember Trump is still president, Biden is not; news that Trump was crushing the independence of the CDC and manipulating reports for his own messaging; he wanted herd mentality and wanted to get everyone infected; like Marie Antoinette and let them eat cake; it was all about reopening, even when he was lying and doing nothing to deal with the pandemic; Republican mayor in Dodge City, Kansas quit because of anti-maskers; Moderna vaccine likely to be approved on Friday; Republicans have still failed to provide covid relief bill since the one in May; that delay is painful and deadly cruel and has cost many lives; the latest negotiations call for $600 checks, no exculpation of liability, but no money for cities and states, it’s nowhere near enough; people are starving and employment is at a record high; is Trump losing power because of this, some Republicans are ignoring him; what will he do with his hundred of millions – likely to keep it for his own benefit; skinheads are still intransigent; Gov Ron Desantis raided home of whistle blower Rebecca Jones with guns drawn; one vaccine taker had an allergic reaction.

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