The Truth About Hot Ones Host Sean Evans

The Truth About Hot Ones Host Sean Evans

Sean Evans, the host of Hot Ones, has wowed his guests with obscure references to their pasts and has launched a global fascination with dangerously spicy hot sauces. But there’s more to Evans than his signature bomber jacket and wry sense of humor. Here are some things you may not know about Hot Ones’ Sean Evans.

Before he was everyone’s favorite interview host, Evans majored in broadcast journalism at the University of Illinois, where a professor suggested he become a weatherman. Evans told Business Insider,

“That’s kind of where my focus was, but then you graduate, you get a job at an agency or somewhere writing press releases.”

He then went on to work as a copywriter while freelancing for Complex, who sent him down to New Orleans for some print interview pieces. Since they were transitioning to video, they asked to put Evans on screen. He wrote in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread,

“I remember studying note cards and being nervous as hell for, like, a five minute video interview with 2 Chainz.”

But it paid off, because Complex liked his interviews and offered him a full time job. He quit his copywriting job and moved to New York a month later. Evans told The Verge that the Editor in Chief at First We Feast, the new Complex YouTube channel, pitched him the idea of a celebrity interview show featuring, quote, “violently hot chicken wings.”

“The way it just hit my ear, I’m like, that’s the funniest thing ever.”

Evans was all for it, and the rest is internet history.

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Almost a weatherman | 0:00
Early inspiration | 1:12
Ruined wings | 2:02
Tacogate | 2:34
Sean and Natasha | 3:16
Tag-teaming research | 3:58
Kissed and licked | 4:59
More women | 6:05
Midwestern boy | 7:03
Wrestling fan | 7:44
Sean the foodie | 8:32
Evans-inspired | 9:04

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