The Six Components of Digital Transformation Series: Modernizing Systems

The Six Components of Digital Transformation Series: Modernizing Systems

The term “digital transformation” is widely used throughout the technology industry these days. Software and hardware vendors alike are all touting the idea, claiming to be able to fundamentally change your business for the better. But what does it really mean, and what are some examples of companies successfully capitalizing on this potential? As an objective third-party consultancy working with numerous technologies, we’ve developed a list of the six components required to actually digitally transform your business. Over the next few months, we’re co-hosting with our technology partners a series of webinars, complete with real-world examples, to address these components.

Join Zia Consulting and ASG Technologies for a 30-minute webinar on the first of our six components of digital transformation: modernizing systems. Speed, agility, and flexibility are paramount to a successful digital transformation. Not to worry, we’ll also discuss the costs involved, and the question that comes to everyone’s mind: how much? In fact, digital transformation can result in lower costs, and we’ll discuss a use case illustrating exactly this.

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