The 2020 Mixtape Event

The 2020 Mixtape Event

Recorded Live on Zoom 12/16/20


As we close the door on 2020, it’s clear that we don’t want to do that again. But looking back at eight months of online programming, there were definitely highlights and bright spots, some amazing speakers deserving of more time on our virtual stage. In this final event of the year we will hear more from some of our best speakers, dig deeper into the most interesting science, and get an update on our most compelling stories. If you were lucky enough to catch any or all of them the first time around, we know you’ll want to hear more. If you previously missed their talks, we’ve got you covered! Regardless, this 2020 mixtape features some of your (and our) favorite presenters. Don’t miss it.

• Jasmine Drake on advances in forensic science
• Kevin Peter Hand on our quest to explore unknown worlds
• Pat Kuhl on the impact of isolation on the young brain
• Cynda Rushton on the plight of COVID-19’s frontline clinicians
• Audience Q&A Moderated by Super Host Ahmed Best

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