Swap Something Sunday

Swap Something Sunday

Project Summary

Director, editor, visual identity – ​Violet Grace Wilson
Short Film (1:39)
Embroidered patches and letters
Downloadable PDF guide

Song; Timeless by Johna



In order to make sustainability desirable for young people, I focused on how students could reduce their fast fashion shopping habits. Swap Something Sunday is a sustainable, guilt-free alternative to shopping.

This event platform allows students to exchange preloved clothing with friends and measure the CO2 saved. This whole new social experience prevents further detriment to the planet from fast fashion. Hosting the event on a Sunday means most students have time off work and studies to participate. With tips and information on how to set up your own event being available through the PDF guide, it makes it accessible for everyone.

Fast fashion is a huge contributor to climate change – the UK spends £32 billion on clothing annually and almost £1 billion worth of that goes to landfill each year.

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