Standing Ovation: Posters & Cocktails

Standing Ovation: Posters & Cocktails

Whether you’re a stage door floozy or a demanding diva, everyone loves a good cocktail. Tonight, join our three favorite poster-loving imbibers as they bring you another night of great design and tasty beverages.

Our Chief Curator will once again be hosting Nicholas Lowry of Swann Auction Galleries and Don Spiro of The Green Fairy Society over Zoom as they take us on a journey through some of the world’s greatest performances in posters.

After Don warms us up with our first cocktail, Nicholas will introduce us to leading men, chorus girls, and epic performances advertised by posters. As our glasses empty, Don will help us create the perfect second act to our first drink, and so on until we get dragged off stage by a giant hooked cane.

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