Stand Out and Be Remembered Online Challenge

Are you wondering what the Stand-Out and Be Remembered online Challenge is about?   WELL, IT’S FOR YOU IF: � you stumble over your words when you’re trying to talk about the work you do, the services you offer or…


Are you wondering what the Stand-Out and Be Remembered online Challenge is about?  

� you stumble over your words when you’re trying to talk about the work you do, the services you offer or the value you would bring to the table or team if someone hired you.
� when speaking to your friends, family, or even colleagues, you struggle to explain what your career is or what you’d like it to be about.
� you are already dreading having to answer this question, and are at a loss of words on what to say, even though you’re not even actively looking for new career opportunities at the moment.
� if you’re self-employed and you’re hesitating in explaining the value you bring to your potential clients.  

I want women worldwide to be able to speak about what they do, what experience and expertise they offer, the impact of their work, or speak up about what they’d like to do with confidence, passion, and ease so that they will STAND OUT and BE REMEMBERED by anyone they’re speaking to!

In the current economy, where it may seem that there aren’t many opportunities around, I want you to be able to create your own career opportunities, even if you feel there are none out there for you!

How do you do that?
By confidently speaking about yourself, your expertise in and passion for what you do, and the value of your work in an authentic way, that will have you stand out and be remembered by those listening (whether they are your colleagues, friends, family, or bystanders). So that when opportunities that match your profile arise, they think of you and reach out. When that happens (get ready to be surprised by where the opportunities present themselves!), you will be all set to pursue them.

Who is this for?
If you are a woman wanting to create her own career opportunities, no matter where in the world you are, this is for you. I invite you to come and hang out with me for 5 days in my private Facebook group, The Clarity Club, where I’ll be hosting the free “Stand Out and Be Remembered” Challenge. 

Join here:

During this 5-Day Challenge, you will:
� Learn how to speak about what you do, what you offer, or what you want to do without sounding like everyone else
� Discover how to share your impact, passion, and aspirations without underselling or overselling yourself.
� Create an authentic answer to the ‘Why should we hire you’ question, which will help you Stand Out and Be Remembered by your audience (and create opportunities for yourself at ease).
� Have a foundation for an introductory statement that you can use for your LinkedIn Profile, CV or connection request, which comes in handy when you decide to actively create or pursue career opportunities.

The 5 days we will be spending together are all about YOU and about you getting ready to create your own career opportunities!

Please book these dates in your calendar and block off some quality time with yourself from 22-26 November 2021. 

� I will host a short live video every day of the challenge. You can either join me live or watch the replay at a time convenient to you.
� You will have short assignments to complete between the sessions, and you will share your insights and any questions that pop up back in the Clarity Club. Count on approximately 20-30 minutes to complete your assignments.
� When there are enough questions, I’ll jump on an extra FB Live or host a live Q&A on Zoom to support you and answer your questions.

How do you join?
By joining my network of amazing women across the globe in my private Facebook group, The Clarity Club. You’ll meet me there for the daily challenge trainings through FB Live videos, or catch the replays at a convenient time to you and interact with me by sharing and posting your insights.

When does this happen?
Monday 22 until Friday 26 November, 2021. Soon!
A bit about me, Kirsten, the Stand out & Be Remembered Challenge Host
I’m Kirsten de Greling -Visman, certified Career and Life Coach from Clarity Compass Career Coaching. I’m on a mission to inspire and support globetrotting women worldwide, to take the lead and step up in their lives, empowering them to be intentional and fearless in their personal and professional journeys.
I look forward to you participating in the Challenge! I hope you’re ready for an exciting, life-changing journey where you step up and shine in your life and in the lives of others.

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