South Korea’s Blue House ready to host Trump; official welcome ceremony just ahead

South Korea's Blue House ready to host Trump; official welcome ceremony just ahead

잠시 후 문 대통령 내외 청와대서 트럼프 미 대통령 내외 환영식 개최
The presidential Blue House has been preparing for this visit by U.S President Donald Trump for some time now.
We are now just moments away from the official welcome ceremony at Seoul’s presidential palace. Let’s go live to our chief Blue House correspondent Moon Connyoung.
Connyoung, is the Blue House up and ready for the ceremony?

President Moon Jae-in’s Blue House is up and ready to host its very first foreign head-of-state and his delegation… and of course, the first state visit by a U.S. president in quarter century.
Time and time again, the Blue House had reiterated that it’s doing all that it can to make sure America’s first couple see and feel due welcome here in South Korea.

South Korea’s commander in chief made his first gesture of heartfelt welcome by making a surprise visit to U.S. Garrison Humphreys, the newest and biggest overseas U.S. base roughly 60 kilometers from Seoul… to greet his U.S. counterpart.

This is the first time that a South Korean president has greeted the visiting U.S. president at an U.S. army base. The Blue House explains the surprise welcome
today is aimed at underscoring the ironclad South Korea, U.S. alliance — it’s one of three key agenda items that are expected to center stage when the two presidents sit down for a one-on-one and a bilateral summit later this afternoon here at the Blue House.

In less than half an hour from now, the official welcome ceremony will take place at the Blue House. You might wonder, why not upon arrival at the Osan base like previous visits by U.S. presidents.
And that’s because this is a state visit and not official or working visits. There are a number of differences especially in terms of protocol between these different categories of diplomatic visits; one of which is that the visiting delegation is officially greeted at the presidential palace.

That will be followed by a one-on-one between Mr. Moon and Trump – the third of its kind since the two took office this year… and expanded summit… and a joint press conference.

We’ll have more updates as they take place, Daeun.

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