SOULSCAPES – EPISODE 4 – ULIANA HLYNCHAK with FATIMEH A Short Story by Uliana Hlynchak

SOULSCAPES - EPISODE 4 - ULIANA HLYNCHAK with FATIMEH A Short Story by Uliana Hlynchak

Welcome to SOULSCAPES on (now available as an APP as well as online) with Renata Duma on, where we explore what it means to be of Ukrainian heritage in a culturally diverse world.

I’m Renata Duma, and it’s been my honour to work with a very talented group of individuals in broadcasting, and to have had the privilege of hosting two, prime-time talk shows in the Ukrainian language in Canada, namely “SVITOHLIAD” and “BODY AND SOUL” over a period of 12+ years.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this incredible opportunity to bring you a wide variety of interviews with fascinating individuals on subject matters – that matter most to them, only this time in the English language.

And to find out not only WHY those subject matters matter to them so much, but to access the underlying – what I like to call, “SOULSCAPE” – or the reason they are driven – on the deepest level of their soul – to do or create what they do.

And more-so, to explore just what kind of “spice” or “colouring” being of Ukrainian heritage has added to not only what they do, but to who they are.

ULIANA HLYNCHAK is a Toronto-based Producer and Journalist for KONTAKT TV, a weekly Ukrainian TV show. Uliana works with young talent on developing the show, “Kontakt Next Gen”. She is a member of the Board of Directors at the Canadian Ukrainian Art Foundation and also volunteers for the Toronto Ukrainian Festival.

In 1991 in Toronto, Uliana self-published her poetry volume “Alone”, which received a favourable review from University of Toronto professor Danylo Struk. In 1997 Uliana’s poems were included in the “Greetings to Life” volume of the
Young Poets Contest named after Bohdan-Ihor Antonych. Her poetry volume was also reviewed by Ivan Dziuba, prominent Ukrainian literary critic and academic of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, who wrote: “The poetry (volume) is unique, there is a poetic flair and a complex, unconventional inner world of the author. It seems that the author has a creative destiny, if only she does not hide into her inner self, but opens up to life and to herself.”

Uliana writes articles and blogs for local publications. She also writes and translates poetry and short stories in Ukrainian and English.

Her most recent projects are interviews on the contemporary art scene Art Talk and the webinar series Contemporary Ukrainian Émigré and Diaspora Literature.

The short story at the end of this Soulscapes Episode with Uliana Hlynchak, named “Fatimeh”, is read by Uliana’s daughter, Katharina Davoudian.


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Aside from her career as the Host of SOULSCAPES on, and her deep love for Ukraine, her culture and her people, Renata has several passions that drive her both professionally, creatively and spiritually.

A life-long meditator, she devotes much of her time to the upliftment and betterment of humanity through advocating for the benefits of daily meditation, promoting the FREE, beautiful and highly effective Guided Meditations that she creates, and through making regular BLOG Posts on all things “meditation”, and beyond!

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