SNAPP 2017 MC Sequence

SNAPP 2017 MC Sequence

The 2017 Master of Ceremonies sequence for the SNAPP Film Festival in Stephenville, hosted by the CNA Class of Digital Animation and The Digital Filmmaking Class. Our class, The Digital Animation Class was responsible for creating an animated master of ceremonies to “run” the show. We had come up with Greasetrap, a greasy post-apocalyptic nerd. We also included another segment called “The Wasteland Grind down”, which was another assignment that we had integrated into the hosting sequences. We had close to 4 weeks to create, write, animate, and edit it.

Animators: Connor Owens, Dick Jarvis, Katie Howse, Stephen Whitten, Kory Charlton, Cameron Chase

Greasetrap assets: Dick Jarvis

Greasetrap rigging: Katie Howse

Set and Props: Dick Jarvis

Klemet assets and rigging: Stephen Whitten

Spinetingler assets and rigging: Connor Owens

Houk Han Cardoure assets and rigging: Cameron Scott

Brother Bear assets and rigging: Kory Charlton

Vapelord assets and rigging: Dick Jarvis

Ralph Hubert assets and Rigging: Katie Howse

Sound Design: Connor Owens

Voices Provided: Dick Jarvis, Connor Owens, Cameron Chase, Kory Charlton, katie Howse “Hormmand McMannus”, “Chuck Grangler”

Sound Effects: Freesound.Org, and originally recorded

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