Smoothie Madness (Episode FIVE) | Co-host Contest

Smoothie Madness (Episode FIVE) | Co-host Contest

Welcome to Smoothie Madness season 2! Each week three different contestants compete in various smoothie-themed challenges to see who can win up to $100 cash-prize!
Season 1 Finale:

Host (Dax):

Produced, Edited, & Assisted by:
Ian Santos:
Barrett Nicol:
Jamie McCune:
Arman A.G.:
Dax Flame
@SoundSmith – Smoothie Madness theme
@Yahiamice – Smoothie Madness graphics

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Special thanks to and IdubbbzTV & Uncle Dane (who helped to originally bring the Smoothie Madness pilot to life during the making of the Ice Cream Man documentary).

We hope to see you in the next episode!

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