RVA Variety Series_ Winter Edition 2020

RVA Variety Series_ Winter Edition 2020

The RVA Variety Series is a showcase dedicated to shining a spotlight on our amazing underground, independent and local artists! I have created this platform to ensure that you never miss out on the best artists of all genres in RVA, and that they never miss out on a chance to perform! Please keep supporting our artists! ~Karma (P.S.) Stay Tuned for the next video with all the credits and a special Gag Reel!

This first edition was put together in 3 weeks only! With limited resources and Covid, I am EXTREMELY proud of how it all came together! A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE ARTISTS WHO CAME TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE! Thank you Tameeka (The Official Mix Network) for all of the set design! Pedro for taking the better videos! The biggest thanks to Ms. Charlene (owner of The Nutty Buttery) and Lewis (701 W. Clay st.) for ALWAYS being the HUB of our Performing Arts Community by hosting Melodic Mondays, Open Mics, DJs, Private Events, housing Up and coming Chefs, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, Singers, Poets, etc! We salute and thank you Ms. Charlene for trusting and believing in us!

This idea started with many conversations with our RVA performing artists of all genres. Thanks to Covid, many of us are struggling to make ends meet, and to keep performing. I kept hearing that Covid has killed our performances, and ability to do what we all love. So, I decided to start this platform to showcase all of the AMAZING TALENT we have right here in RVA. Thank you for supporting these artists, trusting and believing in what we all do, and never giving up on participating in, watching, sharing, and supporting our Performing Arts Community!

********We do not own the rights to the music. All rights go to the artists.

Most of the artists featured can be found on ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS!

Check out the SPOTIFY PLAYLIST FOR UNDERGROUND, INDEPENDENT AND RVA ARTISTS (https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6wNXFmGUKS61xCysez1Scd?si=bOrjpHjlT6i7_FBIhhZshA)

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