RoCo Breaking Mill Valley Program Highlight | SP2020

RoCo Breaking Mill Valley Program Highlight | SP2020

0:00 – 4:40 | Breaking 4
Senga – Manu Dibango

4:40 – 7:45 | Breaking T
The Palisades – Childish Gambino

7:50 – 10:40 | Breaking 3
Aragon – Roy Ayers

10:40 – 13:15 | Breaking 2
Give It Up or Turn it Lose – James Brown

13:17 – 15:43 | Breaking 1
Apache – The Incredible Bongo Band

15:45 – 17:22 | Breaking C
Gimme Some More – The J.Bs


Hoping that this message reaches everyone well and that all families are continuing to stay safe, healthy, and aware of the multitude of things going on – and some that have been going on for some time.  THANK YOU all so much for the support and love you share for your daughters/sons/selves within this art form and culture.  Here’s a link to the culminating video projects for the Mill Valley breaking program’s six classes.  

I did my best to use the submitted videos and include segments from the handful of zoom classes that I recorded.  Couldn’t be more proud of the resilience and work ethic that these kids demonstrated in the past few months.

RoCo Spring 2020 Video Showcase:
Shelter-in-Place Video Collages Vol 1-5:

A final few notes that are my absolute responsibility to say regarding the intersection of the BlackLivesMatter movement and what our program represents.

Both the underground and commodified Hip Hop Culture that we broadly enjoy, participate, and perceive is birthed from the socio-economic conditions endured by African Americans and Puerto Ricans. We are BGIRLS, BBOYS, DJs, MCs, Beatboxers, Style Writers because of Black Culture. As a participant, teacher or even just someone who enjoys Hip Hop, it is important to not just protect & stand up for Hip Hop Culture but protect & stand up for the people who created it.

We have been living in a unique time to take the opportunity to recognize the issue of systemic racism, educate ourselves, LISTEN to black voices, and do wide a number of things to make things better for everyone – primarily within our close circles, local communities, and ultimately the world at large.  To me, this has always been the beauty of hip hop and artistic culture broadly – to bring TOGETHER people in acknowledgement of differences over a common love for craft.  

I am proud of this community of students and families for the support going into hosting events that bring diverse attendees to RoCo Rock to BUILD with students, taking kids to competitive as well as educational events both locally and abroad, to simply hosting open practices through the past few years that allow practitioners from other areas of the world to swing through and break. That said, “the work” at best BEGINS rather than ends there. My heart goes out to everyone out there having tough conversations, marching, donating, and doing whatever they can to support the current movement.

I’m sure everyone has seen the ton of online resources shared on how to support or be educated on the cause. Uniquely, here’s a link to a list of HIP HOP CULTURE based reads to help further understand the context and foundation of what has grown to become a worldwide representation of AMERICAN culture at large.

And an important video shared and discussed with some of our older students in highschool and middleschool

Until further notice, we will be having a short weekly practice session on Sundays at the Mill Valley Depot from 6-7pm to celebrate this art form and black and brown lives that birthed it. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding private lessons during the Summer and I hope to see you all in the Fall!


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