President Obama, here’s a Space Superhero who’d like to meet you!

President Obama, here's a Space Superhero who'd like to meet you!

Mike Mongo is a space educator, a “Space Superhero”, author of The Astronaut Instruction Manual and host of Mike Mongo’s Astronaut Adventures

On meeting him, Mike seems interested in everyone and everything. In fact, he has friends all over the world and across many walks of life, from cashiers at his local supermarket, to rap stars, politicians and astronauts.

In this early ideaXme interview, Mike talks very movingly with Andrea Macdonald, founder of ideaXme, of his life story and fascinating career.

Mike’s work:

Mike travels the planet firing up enthusiasm and passion. He ignites young people’s curiosity to encourage them to aim for the stars and to allow themselves to consider a career in the space industry.

His mantra is “Do what you love, everything will work out.”

Discover here why he’d love to meet President Obama.


-Questions answered posed by Rupert, an 8 year old student of Highfield School, UK who is considering a career as an astronaut but just needs to understand some things first!

-Mike also talks about his human journey to becoming a “Space Super Hero” and what that has entailed.

-He also talks of his motivations for doing what he does.

The Astronaut Instruction Manual:

-Mike Mongo talks of his new children’s book.

-The Astronaut Instruction Manual, practical skills for future space explorers. Endorsed by authors, teachers, scientists and Congressmen, Mike Mongo’s Astronaut Instruction Manual for Pre-Teens excites a new generation of space explorers.

The Human Story

-Mike discusses his difficult childhood and the many challenges that he encountered. Furthermore, how he’d like to have met someone like him then, to tell him that he could have been an astronaut one day.

-He tells us how he made it to university despite his challenges.

-How he financed his education by holding enormous parties attended by celebrities.

-He covers his career across entertainment, retail, technology, eco tourism and space education.

-His work as a space stem educator.

-Chief Brand and Culture Officer, Icarus Interstellar

-At large Board Member SEDS.

-Strategic Director, Starship Congress

-Co-Founder OBEY messaging campaign.

-Advocate Keywest

-Co-Founder of Computers For Jamaica

The Astronaut Instruction Manual

His worldwide campaign to encourage kids to aim for the stars.

Well done to Mike Mongo for continuing with the interview, despite construction work noise in the background! Another skyscraper goes up in an afternoon!

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