Prayer for our Nation – Jan 6th, 2021

Prayer for our Nation - Jan 6th, 2021

Friends, my heart is heavy and hurting for our country right now. As you are aware by now, protesters stormed the US Capitol this afternoon while the House of Representatives and the Senate were certifying the election of the next President of the United State.

If you’re anything like me, you are feeling all kinds of emotions – fear, anger, shock, anxiety, disbelief, and so many more that we probably can’t name right now. Our first response is not necessarily to pray and turn to God. In times of crisis, we simply don’t drift toward God. This is the reason, in Scriptures, the prophets and other spiritual leaders constantly called people back to God. Rather than hosting our scheduled Better Together Conversation, we are calling for a time of prayer for our country. God is still calling his people to humility, to prayer, to desperation and to repentance. Join us tonight from 7-8 as we call on God together.

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