Poinsett Club Wedding Video – Covid Wedding – Griffin and Caison

Poinsett Club Wedding Video - Covid Wedding - Griffin and Caison

The stage is set: one of the finest private clubs in America.  There is something about the large ballroom paired with the character of each and every room in the club that takes a wedding to new levels.  The classic ballroom chandeliers give the perfect glimmer and soft glow, the balconies give unique vantage points to the celebration, and the floor to ceiling windows add the perfect glimpse to the beautifully maintained grounds.

Griffin’s godparents, Walter and Angel, showed great hospitality with hosting the ceremony in their gorgeous backyard that backs up to Greenville’s Chanticleer Golf Course. Mr. Walter Tollison not only hosted all who gathered but also officiated the intimate ceremony.

The bond shared between siblings in this wedding day (film) is paramount.  Listen to the words and feel how deeply cherished these relationships are.  Grandparents, parents, and godparents alike sure were each smiling on this day in celebration of their children and this union.

…finally the grace and elegance of Griffin and the love and devotion of Caison.  We will let the film fill you in.

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