#PODCAST Love Is the Answer 16 | Triggers, Mirrors, and Companioning | Guest: Lan Thi Bray

#PODCAST Love Is the Answer 16 | Triggers, Mirrors, and Companioning | Guest: Lan Thi Bray

In this Podcast, Lan Thi shares her insights and experiences with her current “companioning” approach in holding sacred space (“breaking bread”) with others, and ways triggers and mirrors arise in our relational experiences. We also explore:

• What deep attunement is and how relationships can be an opportunity into healing
• The way the man Jesus (Jeshua) expressed love and healing grace
• The current Covid-19 pandemic and how we are being affected both individually and collectively — with a deep longing for connection

Lan Thi was trained in conventional counseling-coaching model, which she integrated with a caregiving style, gained from her years of Hospice and Bereavement work. Her current “companioning” approach has evolved from her experience in Life Coaching, Companion Care, Soul Regression Therapy, and Dignity Therapy. To contact her, write to lt_bray@yahoo.com

LOVE IS THE ANSWER is a podcast that explores the POWER OF LOVE in real life. We look for answers to the problems we face within our lives. What if the solution is right within us? What if LOVE is the answer? In each episode, we ask our guests questions related to ordinary life situations, and let them share their experiences with living from love.


A Course of Love: https://acourseoflove.org
Host: Lynn Kidd
Guest: Lan Thi Bray
Podcast Editor: Rodrigo P. Cayres
Date: Recorded on November 27, 2020
Music: https://www.purple-planet.com
Stock Image: https://pixabay.com/users/gdj-1086657/

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