Pexsa- Arvidson- Denny FamiliesLWO1

Pexsa- Arvidson- Denny FamiliesLWO1

In 2016, Live Wide Open met with the Arvidson-Pexsa-Denny families as they celebrated their family Christmas in rural Minnesota. Hailing from Alexandria and Parkers Prairie, this family values the importance of being close to one another and doing all of the things that it means to live a life wide open.

CAMI PEXSA: “My husband Grant and I are hosting Christmas today with our family. And as it turns out, we’re all living in rural Alexandria, Parkers Prairie. My brother, sister, and I all grew up in Parkers Prairie. And so did my husband and his family. And, as it turns out, both my brother-in-law and sister-in-law grew up in the area as well. What brought my husband and I back after going to college and starting our careers in the Metro area, we wanted to have our children grow up in this area, know their grandparents, know their cousins. It’s been great. Our kids know each other so well and they play together all the time. And they’re always asking when they can have the next sleep over. And we love that.”

GRANT PEXSA: “When the opportunity came that I could be a software engineer in the Alexandria area, I thought we would jump on that because both of our families were here. So kids have a chance to grow up with their grandparents, and their aunts and uncles.”

CAMI: “My brother went to school and started his career, and he got as far as South Dakota and then came back to the area, married someone also locally and they have their family, and they’re now on the family farm.”

DAVID ARVIDSON: “I was born and raised on our family farm, and after being through school, and I thought it was important to raise my family in the same way that I was raised. Even the kids, the opportunity to be around animals and see how life works.”

CAMI: “My sister is a teacher and married a teacher from the Bertha area, and they both teach in Parkers Prairie.”

RACHEL DENNY: “Living Wide Open means being out in the country, being active outside, help take care of each other, and have fun.”

DEREK DENNY: “I really like hunting and fishing, and then I also like doing all my own processing with those animals. I mean, I don’t know, that seems like Living Wide Open.”

CAMI: “What we enjoy about being here is that the kids are out all the time. We’ve recently moved, but we were in a more country setting, and my kids would take off their backpacks as soon as they got off the bus and head into the woods and they made forts. And now we’re lucky enough to be on the lakes in Alexandria area. And we’re really looking forward to getting out and doing some ice fishing, boating, and skiing in the summer. But, you know, taking advantage of all the area has to offer all year round.”

Live Wide Open (LWO) is a program of West Central Initiative in partnership with employers, chambers of commerce and local governments to promote living and working within West Central Minnesota.
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