One Million Dollar haircut

Can a haircut be worth a $$$ dollars? It can — if the hair stylist is Rene Fris. And if his client is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Or Emili Singlev. Or Susanne Bier .Or Christian Eriksen, Caroline Wozniack Each week, the 35…

Can a haircut be worth a $$$ dollars?

It can — if the hair stylist is Rene Fris.

And if his client is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Or Emili Singlev. Or Susanne Bier .Or Christian Eriksen, Caroline Wozniack

Each week, the 35 minute $$$ Haircut takes us into the life of a different celebrity, as host Rene Fris talks to them, learns what they do – tries his hand at doing their job — and finally, gives them a super haircut. But how much is the cut worth? That depends on the mood of the celebrity! But whatever the amount of money Rene gets… it all goes to charity. The goal? $$$ worth of charity finds by the season’s end.

The Format:

Opening. The show opens with Rene on location, wherever this week’s celebrity happens to live or work. Let’s say Rene is visiting with Caroline on tennis court ,First we see Rene where Caroline is practicing. He tells us how Caroline agreed to be on the Tell us your secret….

Meeting The Client. We follow Rene as he knocks on the door of Carolines house. Caroline opens up and after a few funny interchanges, lets Rene and his camera crew inside.

We get to meet Caroline, see her house, see what breakfast cereal she eats in the morning… discover a more intimate side of her than TV viewers normally do. Naturally, Caroline will joke with Rene, who will accompany her secret to him.

Going to Work. Rene Fris will hang out with Caroline learning how she does her job /sport– Rene learn to play tennis from her – to the amusement of the Tonight Show staff – Rene will actually try his hand at doing a match during practice . Even if it’s a disaster, it will be very, very funny. And Rene Fris is great at poking fun at himself.

That’s a big part of the charm of Tell is your secret – Rene Fris getting the chance to put himself in the shoes of his very famous clients, and see if he can do their job. No one will enjoy the process more than Rene himself. But now it’s time for…

The Haircut. After the fun of trying his client’s job, it’s time for Rene to do his real job: giving a fantastic, world-class cut. He sits Caroline down in Her big office, and discusses with the tennis star just what kind of look she wants. Then we watch as Rene Fris goes into action – cutting Carolines hair while chatting with her, and giving her a great cut. We get to see Rene Fris as the super-professional he is – in control, but relaxed, attentive but assertive, charming. The tables have turned, and now Rene is the one in charge, and Caroline is the one who’s learning. It’s a fun switch, and Rene lets Caroline have some of the teasing that Caroline had given Rene earlier. When the haircut is done, Caroline– and our TV viewers – get to see the new Caroline.Rene will discuss what hair products Caroline could try, and ways for her to manage her hair more effectively at home.

How much will this cut cost? ☺

That’s the big question. Rene explains the idea – that all the money goes to charity, and the rule is: the client picks his or her own charity. So Caroline informs Rene (and us) of her favorite charity, what the charity does, etc. And Rene asks for a $$$. “C’mon, you can afford it,Caroline ,” he smiles. Then Rene explains that Caroline can pay anywhere from kroner to tennis balls – or not give money at all, but maybe donate an item to be auctioned off. “That’s a great idea,” says Caroline , who is a collector of vintage cars and motorcycles. “I’ll give you my Y2K Turbo Superbike” he says, which is worth over $$$. “But you’ve got to sell it, because I’ve got a Tennis match to do tonight.”

“Done deal,” says Rene, and he gives Caroline a big hug. Carolines autographs a photo of herself and gives it to Rene, then tells him how bad he was at giving the rehearsal tennis. “It’s ok, Caroline, it was worth it to get this $$$!” Rene tells him.

The Auction. In a studio, Rene sits at a huge PC and auctions off Carolines tennis racket online – on a special website that Drive studio has set up for just this purpose. It turns out that Rene has found a buyer for the amount of $10000!

“This brings the season’s total amount to $598,300” Rene tells the TV viewers. “Not bad, but we still need $401,700 to get to a million!”

He explains that next week’s client – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau– ought to be able to pay some big bucks for her haircut. Then he invites us to see him next week, on Million Dollar Haircut!

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