Odd Space (WYCE at Wealthy)

Odd Space (WYCE at Wealthy)

A virtual concert series for 2020 programmed by WYCE, live from Wealthy Theatre. Streaming online and broadcasting on GRTV. Brought to you by the Grand Rapids Community Media Center.

This week: Odd Space
Monday, July 13th from 6pm-7pm

Ignited by inspiration and open to interpretation, Odd Space conjures a grungy and ethereal collage of sounds. Helmed by multi-instrumentalist Joey Franko, the musical project drifts from post-apocalyptic electronica to quick-drawing wild west guitar riffs. Franko’s honest voice lends itself to the spacious atmosphere, abundant with sonic elements that tilt and twist like a hazy kaleidoscope. Anchored in the bustling artistic alcove of Grand Rapids, Franko and frequent collaborator Sydney Brown craft abstract and audible murals from scratch. Synthesizers vamp, drum beats pulse, and the pair’s voices lace together as the sonic dust swirls and settles. https://oddxspace.bandcamp.com/

Made possible by the Grand Rapids Community Media Center, a non-profit organization committed to building community through media. To learn how you can support, visit:
Venmo: @GRCMC

WYCE is an independent, commercial-free, community radio station serving the communities of Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Broadcasting on-air FM programming at 88.1 Mhz, and reaching out to the world through online streaming. Dedicated to providing an eclectic blend of under-represented music to the West Michigan community and beyond. http://www.wyce.org

Video production & live-stream powered by GRTV, Grand Rapids Public Access. Also a service of the Community Media Center. http://www.grtv.org

Wealthy Theatre is an independent historic theatre and performing arts venue hosting films, concerts, plays/musicals, community events, and more. By, and for, the people of Grand Rapids.

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