Nice to e-meet you: Darya Belkina.

Nice to e-meet you: Darya Belkina.

My new company that I started in April of 2020 because of the forced COVID19 quarantine is “Education Abroad 1 Million Students”. I want to help 1 million young people in the timeframe of the next 5 years to acquire higher education: Masters Degree from abroad on a scholarship in English.
Here is the link to my blog, where in Russian language I describe which fields of study have a promising future, considering the pandemic of COVID19 that is still isn’t over: This blog is on 50+ countries of the world that provide a quote/scholarship/fellowship/exchange programs at which students learn in English free of charge: their tuition, their room and board and their flight to and from the hosting country is paid for so long as they can prove their leadership, community involvement and potential for the development of economy of their own countries:

All of my materials are provided free of charge, that is youtube channel’s video on professions that are available: 100 professions is 100 interviews that my friends are sending me on a weekly basis free of charge as a favor for the future generations that are having hard time now in choosing and sustaining the living economy in each country of the world:

except the e-book on education abroad that I have written in Russian: “How to choose a Profession/Vocation” – the rest of materials are free of charge.

I am at the pre-development stage of my project because I need more finances to advance with the SEO-marketing and social media marketing as well as newsletter development of my company online. Moreover, in my own videos I am planning to describe the websites and apps that help students learn English free of charge and study online through numerous online portals that offer education online, so long as an individual knows which job is right for him/her and my company helps in making that choice conscious.

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