MY NYC APARTMENT TOUR | 2 bdr upper east side | KEN & HAN ☆

MY NYC APARTMENT TOUR | 2 bdr upper east side | KEN & HAN ☆

After about 2 months of cleaning, ordering furniture, and decorating my long awaited apartment tour video is here! For anyone new, I am a senior at Parsons School of Design here in Manhattan and am currently living in my very first apartment on the Upper East Side!! If you haven’t already seen my moving/why I moved video I will link it down below, it explains the story behind everything as well as gives you all a look of what the place looked like empty! I am so so proud of the space we have and how it looks after the months of getting all the pieces together! Hope you all enjoy the video! Feel free to leave any questions about where things are from/living in NYC/getting your first apartment etc etc down below!!!
ken & han

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plastic hanging shelves:
neon sign:
desk chair:
floating shelves:
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