Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Question 3: Promote

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Question 3: Promote

Getting people to attend any event you are organizing is no easy
task. When I am hosting events, to ensure I reach my target attendance I
reach out to as many different people as possible on as many platforms as
possible. The first step, is getting the word out on social media. This is
a huge factor in promoting your upcoming event because
social media posts spread like wildfire. This also allows your social
network to help you promote your event with the click of a button.
In addition, to gain as much traction as possible, I would post all updates,
information, and timelines for my event on as many of my platforms as
possible. I do not have a large following on twitter since it was only
recently made, but my friends and colleagues do. One retweet or like from
them will spread my post to the feeds of many other users. So it is
important to not limit yourself to only one platform. The next thing I would
do is give samples of the event to individuals within my network. This would
be posting bio’s of speakers/individuals participating in the
event, videos of activities that will take place at the event, and in
general, a short explanation of the itinerary. For example, in grade 12, I was
part of a fundraiser concert happening inside the school theater. To promote
the event I was constantly making instagram posts promoting the concert.
Along with the posts, I recorded myself and a couple of others in the band
at a rehearsal, and posted a snippet of us playing. The last thing I did
to ensure we were not performing for an empty audience is with my principals
approval, set up a mini performance outside the entrance to the school
cafeteria. We were playing a variety of songs, and our music teacher was
selling tickets in front of us. In the end of the day, we filled our theatre
past capacity (over 200 people showed up!) and we raised upwards of $2000
for our schools music department. Needless to say, along with the help
of my peers and music teachers, my marketing tactics were successful.

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