Makia Greene and Anthony Lorenzo Green – Postscreening Playbacks

Makia Greene and Anthony Lorenzo Green - Postscreening Playbacks

#TBT Nov 9th – Kia Greene & Anthony Lorenzo Green interview after the screening of AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY: THE EVOLUTION OF GRACE LEE BOGGS
Makia Green is a queer fat Black liberation organizer with Black Lives Matter DC (Black Lives Matter DC). Green is also a community organizer with the Working Families Party. A “New Yorker” living in DC, they coordinate events & campaigns centered in Black joy, healing & abolition. Makia fights for an end to intra-community violence, police brutality, wealth inequality by facilitating community dialogues, leading direct actions, and coordinating outreach campaigns.
Lorenzo Green is a 3rd generation Washingtonian, a social justice warrior and a missionary for progressive change in the trajectory of families across as a Ward 7 ANC. He focuses on pushing policies to interrupt community violence, holding law enforcement accountable for illegal stop-and-frisk incidents and police brutality, fighting to end the food apartheid east of the river, and passionate advocate for economic and racial justice across DC
Video by @conradomuluc
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