Kassamira Carter-Howard – Postscreening Playbacks

Kassamira Carter-Howard - Postscreening Playbacks

#TBT Nov 9th – Kassamira Carter-Howard @sassamira interview after the screening of AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY: THE EVOLUTION OF GRACE LEE BOGGS

Kassamira joined us as the moderator for our post-screening discussion on TRANSFORMING ONESELF TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD. Our conversation centered on what it will take individually and collectively for our movements to build a new world.

Kassamira (she/her) is an artist, facilitator, healer, organizer, and advocate with a decade of experience in social justice movements. Using an intersectional framework, she explores ways to practice reimagining a world free from violence. Make sure to follow her at @sassamira and financially support via Venmo @kassamira-carter on Venmo

Video by @conradomuluc
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Shout out to @eaton.dc for hosting our Film Festival!

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