Iron Dog Gym History Tour

Iron Dog Gym History Tour

Iron Dog Gym started in 1996 in Riverside, California in my friends backyard. I was home from University for the Summer and several of my old high school friends anted to learn Kung Fu. I didn’t have an Instructors license yet but we started a small group that ended when I returned to Humboldt later that year. Humboldt Gym, Eureka and Arcata were the first schools I opened with a roof over them starting in 1998 when I earned my assistant instructor grade. The Eureka School had been going for a decade of course, but I started my own school in Arcata and eventually was asked to take over the home gym too.
In 2002 I began moving to Sacramento. By 2005 I was completely down here and Iron Dog Gym Sacramento was formed. I earned my 1st Technician grade in 2005 too. I had a website on Moonfruit for Sacramento EBMAS and I was spending time argueing on the internet in defense of Wing Tsun on forums like I used the handle California Kid on the Krav Maga forum, the only good one in the early days, and then as Dr._Tzun_Tzu on We began hosting events here in Sacramento including having Dai Si-Fu Emin himself here in my Gym!

This is a photo album I use to show walk in visitors or when I have a booth at an event. Since we are living mask on in a bunker these days avoiding COVID19, I figured I better upload it as a video.

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