Introducing The Population Factor | The Population Factor S01E01

Introducing The Population Factor | The Population Factor S01E01

Introducing The Population Factor

Host: Phil Cafaro
Guest: Paul Ehrlich

A wide-ranging conversation with an environmentalist legend, Paul Ehrlich, touching on the history of the IPAT equation along with the history of population concerns and overpopulation denialism.

The Population Factor is a series that dives into key conversations examining the connection between our planet’s growing population and an array of related issues. Moderated by philosopher and activist Phil Cafaro, each episode includes a highlight of the week’s environmental news, along with special guests on every show discussing viewpoints from a variety of different perspectives.

Expect to be educated on a range of topics that touch on everything from climate change and wildlife preservation all the way to immigration policy and consumption patterns. All with the goal of promoting more awareness, encouraging further research and sparking continued discussion on the impact of population growth in the world today.

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