Identity Interview Series: Xiaojuan Pang x Umberto Giovannini

Identity Interview Series: Xiaojuan Pang x Umberto Giovannini

“Identity” is a video-podcast series with designers, artists, scholars and professionals from around the world, discussing various aspects and perspectives around the concept of ‘identity’. In this project, created as part of the MRes course at the RCA, London, we addressed the current circumstances of the Covid19 pandemic by reflecting on how ‘identity’ can be regarded as a box (physical, conceptual, emotional, cognitive and social).

With this series of interviews, elicit cross disciplinary discussions and connections between professionals working in different fields of thought and practice.

/ Umberto Giovannini is an Italian printmaker and a lecturer of the Foundation Course in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins. He is also the founder of Opificio della Rosa — a low environmental impact printmaking centre, hosting and supporting artists of different nationalities and backgrounds engaged in experimental projects.

Working internationally between England and Italy, Umberto uses woodcut as a travel diary, as well as an intimate yet powerful form of reportage to investigate this changing, floating contemporary world through his highly sensitive personal perceptions. In this conversation, Umberto discussed the concept of identity through sharing his work, process and experience as a creator during the Covid-19 lockdown, as well as his understanding towards the relationship between the act of image-making and social crisis.

/ Xiaojuan Pang is a Chinese graphic designer, illustrator and researcher based in London. She is studying for a MRes degree in Communication Design at the Royal College of Art. Her current research takes food as a metonym for human condition, and investigates the way it generates depictions, insights and reflections about social realities though reportage drawing.

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