i transformed my hallway into a GLAM “get ready” suite! (apartment makeover)

i transformed my hallway into a GLAM “get ready” suite! (apartment makeover)

* 💚 making over my hallway into a GLAM GET-READY SUITE 💚*
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during quarantine I began a project of transforming my plain hallway into a “glam” (lol) get-ready suite for me and my girlfriends! AKA my side of the apartment, no boys allowed! hehe I worked hard on the color coordinating, and gave it my colorful mid-century modern touch. watch the whole thing to see the process AND the glam suite tour! xo
#makeover #transforming #apartmentmakeover
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➩ what’s your name? I go by niki, but full name’s nicola
➩ what’s your instagram? @NIKI
➩ do you have another channel? yes w/ my twin sis called niki & gabi
➩ how old are you? twenty-whore *I mean four*
➩ how tall are you? 5’01 (THE 1 INCH COUNTS OK?)
➩ what’s your ethnicity? half cuban, half italian
➩ where do you live? good ol’ pennsylvania
➩ what do you use to edit? final cut pro x
➩ what cameras fo you use? canon eos m5 & canon g7x mark ii & canon 70d
➩ what do you do on youtube? FASHION + MUSIC bitch.

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