Hypnosis for Mental Acuity – The Health Engineer TV

Hypnosis for Mental Acuity - The Health Engineer TV

In this episode of The Health Engineer Podcast, Host Clint Fuqua talks with Dr. Michael Harris to clarify what really happens when a person undergoes hypnotherapy, or guided hypnosis to improve mental aquity.
When your stress levels overflow, your quality of life goes down. Dr. Harris uses hypnosis to help his clients deal with added stress caused by a number of different things. The pandemic is a perfect example of a source of stress for a lot of people right now.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that hypnosis is not a special state. They discuss how the brain goes into unconsciousness more often than you might realize. Do you ever go looking for your car keys when they are already in your hand? That is your unconscious mind working.

Dr. Michael Harris gives his clients the tools to help themselves. Instead of seeing a doctor regularly, he uses a four step process to help you become a problem solver.

To work with Dr. Harris, call (214) 702-3774 or email drm@drmichaelharris.com. Go to SportsPerformancePro.com, DrMichaelHarris.com, and find him on Facebook and LinkedIn, too.

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