HOUSE DANCE – Lotus Variations No.1 (Follow Along) Intermediate

HOUSE DANCE - Lotus Variations No.1 (Follow Along) Intermediate

Yo guys, hope everything is going well out there.
Here is the first part of the variations I have prepared for you.
Some might be harder and some easier, but I challenge you to master all of them and try to implement them into your freestyle.
Just to make sure I didn´t invent them haha
I dont know from where I got most of them maybe through watching some battles or routines, but Ive also learnt a lot from Taiki, Maximus & Jardy Santiago. Both of them share amazing content on their youtube channel, so make sure to check them out.
But of course you can come up with your own variation and feel free to share it, because I would love to learn them.
Take care and if you need music to practice just check out my spotify or soundcloud for playlists.
Just type in = Dani Torrey-Cabello
Take care. Much love and positivity to you guys.

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