House Dance Footwork Challenge | 6 Levels of Swirl

House Dance Footwork Challenge | 6 Levels of Swirl

If this video gets you up and moving, consider registering for a Virtual House class with me this week!

This week, I have a footwork challenge for you. 6 levels of Swirl.

Music: Marimbadub – Midnight Society & Central Underground

To take the #LearnHouseinYourHouseChallenge, post a video doing the challenge and either post on social media or e-mail with your submission! If you post on social media:

1) Tag “Sean Bjerke” on Facebook or @shizz_matic on Instagram
2) Tag #LearnHouseinYourHouse
3) Tag 3 friends!

I’m giving away free RHouse gear to 3 people who complete the challenge this week, so I can’t wait to see your videos!

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