House Dance Choreography | Where is the Love – Milo Hafliger

House Dance Choreography | Where is the Love - Milo Hafliger

House Dance Routine
Los Angeles CA – Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio
Ray Basa Choreography
“Where is the Love” – Milo Hafliger

As dancers, it’s very important for us to have character and performance regardless if we are on a stage or in a cypher. The character adds to the overall entertainment value and it helps to engage the audience so you can take them along on your journey/experience at that moment. That’s the intention for creating this piece. I wanted the students in my class to imagine they were a Charlie Chaplin or a mime like character using movement to tell the story. I wanted to them to work on facials and intention.

Artist/Song: Melodic House Mix “Where is the Love” by Milo Hafliger

I teach every Monday afternoon at 530pm at mLone for house fundamentals and basics
and every Monday night at Debbie Reynolds Dance studio at 915pm

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