House Dance Choreography | Main Event Vancouver – April 2019

House Dance Choreography | Main Event Vancouver - April 2019

House dance choreography by Francesca Parma at Main Event Vancouver dance showcase. Francesca teaches regular house dance classes in Vancouver.

Francesca showcases everything she loves about the house dance style in this house dance performance.

Location: Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver BC
Filmed and edited: Jullian Visco @ju_ll_ian
Music Mix: Jake Aller @jakealler
Choreographer: Francesca Parma: @fran.parma
Main Event: @mainevent604

For this piece, I wanted to bring together a wide selection of dancers in the Vancouver community to represent a style that has impacted my life significantly. House Dance. This style has taught me to be an individual, to double down on my strengths, to be vulnerable, to understand music and rhythm and I still feel like I am just getting started…

These dancers not only brought their amazing talent to the stage but also their hearts. I had so much fun choreographing and performing this set and am forever grateful for the time and energy they all put into it.

Andrew Wu
Averley Ganss
Brandi Turgeon
Brigitte Leong-Chung
Brit Tucker
Celine Dimzon
Chandler Rose
Cheri Hessami
Chris Wong
Dale Umali
Giulia Santaca
Nick Modeste
Will Peever

Fuzzy Logik Ft. Egypt – In the Morning
Friend Within – The Sound
Crazy Cousins Remix – Do You Mind
Aaron Smith – Dancin (Linier Remix)
Scott Diaz Mix – Life Is Beautiful

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