House Dance Choreography | Bad Boy Good Man – Tape Five

House Dance Choreography | Bad Boy Good Man - Tape Five

House Dance Class
Los Angeles CA – Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio
Ray Basa Choreography
“Bad Boy Good Man” – Taper Five

Bad Boy Good Man from Tape Five reminds me of Fred Astaire, Nicholas Brothers, Cab Calloway to name a few. These artists have inspired me in so many ways. I take the energy that I get from watching their movies and dance sequences and combine it with my feeling. They dance so free and it looks so fun. That’s what this song reminds me of……just having fun and dancing. With that said that’s how this piece came about!

I want to give a few shout outs to WyldStyle for rolling deep to my class and reppin hard. The Collective for your amazing energy and support. My dance Family Club House for always being there and killing it and last but not least all the amazing dancers who shared their energy to help create this amazing feeling and moment.

I teach every Monday at mL One at 530pm and Debbie Reynolds at 9:15pm
I would love to create more amazing experiences and moments with everyone so please stop by and get down with me.

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