HARPS FOR HOPE Sheila Larchet-Cuthbert

HARPS FOR HOPE Sheila Larchet-Cuthbert

Bringing our Harps for Hope series to a close, we are excited to feature some archival footage from the early nineteen fifties by Sheila Larchet-Cuthbert, one of our most esteemed pedal harpists. Sheila was one of the of the founder members of Cairde na Cruite. Together with Gráinne Yeats, Mercedes Garvey, the Ní Shé sisters and Mary O’Hara, she put the harp firmly back into the public domain, setting the scene for our vibrant harping tradition today.
Particularly memorable moments were the publication of the Irish Harp Book in 1975 for Cairde na Cruite, and the hosting of the World Harp Congress in Dublin in 2005. This recording is music arranged specially for her by her father, Professor John Larchet: ‘Suantraí’ (Lullaby) and ‘The Foggy Dew’.
We pay tribute here to Sheila’s lifelong work on our behalf, and thank her for her dedication to harping in Ireland.
Thank you to Andreja Malir, Gerry Keenan (Irish Chamber Orchestra) and Paul Ashe-Brown (Sound engineering)

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