Grads to Candidates: Pride & Work Recorded Webinar

Grads to Candidates: Pride & Work Recorded Webinar

When it comes to getting your first job out of school, finding the right fit should be just as important as finding employment. For many, that means working for an organization that values an inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

With COVID-19 turning graduations and pride celebrations virtual across the country, we’re hosting a panel of LGBTQ professionals from some of the country’s leading companies, to discuss the importance of finding a company that values your identity as much as your work. Learn how to network with fellow LGBTQ individuals, get tips on coming out at work, find a company with mental health resources in the workplace, and learn about the importance of finding a mentor.

-Brianna Boles, Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, Adobe
-Kay Martinez, Assoc. Director, Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, MGH Institute of Health Professions
-Jarvis Sam, Sr. Director, Talent Sourcing, Diversity Recruiting & Experience COE, Nike
-Tom Bourdon, Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Staples

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