FETA LOVE FEST 2020 (ML performance)

FETA LOVE FEST 2020 (ML performance)

When all live performances were cancelled at the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, two things happened: 1. it became clear that I needed to make my own content. 2. The amazing composer/philosopher Juraj Kojs began hosting weekly dance parties that explored social engagement through movement and isolation. From post-dance discourse, FETA Foundation’s Lovefest 2020 (May 30th edition) emerged in the form of a spirited, internationally recognized arts panel, break out rooms, performance/dance party, and live dj set. With the guidance and support of Juraj Kojs and Milica Paranosic, I created a performance ‘set’ as my first foray into content. The centerpiece was Eric Lyon’s Fanfare for Gordon Mumma. it was preceded by a self-made commercial and followed by a live performance adventure with cellophane 🙂 capped off with the end of the commercial. Keep on Dancing!!! Info:https://fetafoundation.org/js_events/feta-love-fest/

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