Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit (FACES)

Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit (FACES)

Have you heard?! Animal Place is hosting the Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit(FACES) August 3-9! This FREE online event about the future of the farmed animal movement is sponsored by the Plant Based Network, and features activists, scientists, authors, film-makers and other impactful voices in the farmed animal movement! Some of the topics include farmed animal behavior, the role of sanctuaries as changemakers, challenging carnism, activism using social media, getting involved in passing laws to help farmed animals, and much more!

Every day between August 3-9, you’ll have access to three new video interviews featuring our movement’s most important thinkers and leaders as they discuss the most relevant issues for farmed animals today and in the future.

FACES features 24 inspirational individuals who have made the world a safer place for animals, including Animal Place’s Executive Director Kim Sturla, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jasmin Singer, Marc Bekoff, Genesis Butler, Seth Tibbott, Joyce Tischler, Keegan Kuhn, John Oberg, yours truly, and many more!

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