Episode #6 of the Fitzgerald Pandemic Webinar Series: The Short Stories

Episode #6 of the Fitzgerald Pandemic Webinar Series: The Short Stories

This is the video replay of our conversation about Scott’s short stories featuring Anne Margaret Daniel (New School and Bard College). Professor Bryant Mangum (Virginia Commonwealth University), and Associate Professor Jennifer Nolan (North Carolina State University).

Our panel of experts was moderated by Professor Kirk Curnutt (Troy University), who is also president of the F. Scott Society.

Your host was Robert Steven Williams, the director of the award winning documentary Gatsby in Connecticut (Selected by The New Yorker as one of the Best Films of 2020–available in the US/Canada on Amazon Prime and other digital platforms too).

If you enjoyed this free video replay, please consider helping those less fortunate at the moment. Many continue to suffer during this pandemic. If you live in the US and can swing it, please donate to Feeding America to help those families hurt hard by the COVID-19 lockdown. Copy the link below and place into your browser for the Scott and Fitzgerald funding raising page at Feeding America:


If you live outside the US, please consider donating to the Paul Newman founded non-profit, Safe Water Network. They help families in Africa and India get safe water. Please copy this url in your browser for Safe Water Network:


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