Day 8: Gold Star Moments

Day 8: Gold Star Moments

Today’s technique is “Gold Star Moments.” You’ll want to watch this technique last.

This technique will help you feel good, energizing you, and increasing your sense of accomplishment.

Watch the video and decide what your “Gold Star” celebration will be – how you will celebrate those little wins throughout the day.

Celebrate your little wins. Once or twice a day, write down those accomplishments.

Let me know how you plan on celebrating your small accomplishments throughout the day. Is it a gold star, a little dance, a high five? Congrats on making it through the 8 Bite-Sized Techniques program!

Questions? Just ask!

It’s been such a pleasure having you here in the journey with me. Feel free to message me anytime.

Sending love,


Q: I want to connect with you more, how do I do that?

A: I will be launching more Hypnosis group sessions, courses, and workshops soon Let me know if you’re looking for support in a particular area – I can often tailor experiences specifically to my students and clients needs. I also see clients one-on-one with Zoom. Reach out and let’s connect: You can also follow me on Facebook at

Q: I appreciated this program. Thank you for making it free through June 10. How can I support you and Comfort the Mind?

A: Thank you! Contributions are always welcome and help support me so that I can continue creating free and affordable courses and content. You can venmo me at @keridwyn or contact me at if you’d like to send a contribution my way via paypal or debit/credit card. Contributions for this program are completely optional, of course, but so appreciated.

Q. I see you are no longer hosting course content on Kajabi. How do I access Videos 1-7 through June 10 for free?

A: Message me at to gain access to the other videos now throguh June 10. Thanks for your understanding while I switch course content platforms!

Wishing you all comfort in the coming days and weeks.

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