DAWN 2020 Highlights

DAWN 2020 Highlights

DAWN is Reboot’s all-night interpretation of the magical and mighty holiday of Shavuot. Gathering digitally, we spent the night immersed in music, comedy, food, learning and conversation – all presented by some of the greatest artists, rabbis and thinkers of our generation. In this unique moment, we created a dynamic online space to celebrate with people across the world like we never have before. Together with the Jewish Emergent Network, we unpacked the mysteries of the Jewish calendar’s best-kept secret.

Reboot and the Jewish Emergent Network have seen first-hand how the power of imagination can translate and transform Jewish ritual and ideas. In 2008 and 2010 Reboot hosted DAWN festivals in San Francisco – evolving the Shavuot experience through the lens of arts and culture. With DAWN 2020, we aimed to amplify creative ideas and bring in wider perspectives to create a one-of-a-kind Shavuot festival experience. DAWN aligns with Reboot’s wider response to COVID-19, as we are hosting a series of public digital programs that showcase and explore new pathways for wandering Jews and the world we live in.

More at www.rebooters.net/dawn

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