Daniel Bayliss TESS Monotransits – A Pathway to Cooler Transiting Planets

Daniel Bayliss TESS Monotransits - A Pathway to Cooler Transiting Planets

Most known exoplanets transiting bright stars are very hot worlds, with orbital periods less than 10 days. This limits our in-depth understanding of exoplanets to these extreme planets. To probe the composition and atmospheres of cooler exoplanets we must first discover longer period transiting exoplanets around bright host stars. The TESS monotransit candidates are the key to this pursuit. The NGTS team are actively following-up these monotransits with an intensive ground-based program of photometry and spectroscopy. This talk will outline the first exciting results from this NGTS program to discover cooler transiting exoplanets. We will outline the methods we are using to find TESS monotransits and follow-up the most exciting candidates. We will announce the first transiting exoplanet to be discovered via a TESS monotransit detection, which we confirm with photometry and spectroscopy. We will also present the discovery of three longer period low mass binaries which were discovered as a result of TESS monotransits: TOI-222, TIC-238855958, and TIC-231005575. Finally we will discuss the impact of these discoveries and how this work will be accelerated by the return of TESS to the southern ecliptic hemisphere in July 2020.

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