Creating Wellness Goals in the Second Wave

Creating Wellness Goals in the Second Wave

I discuss the importance of creating wellness-based goals, and how goal setting may be different as we enter the depths of the Second Wave of COVID.

Some links to what else is going on in TBC this upcoming month:

Year of You starts Jan 15, and is a month-long program diving deeper into creating successful wellness-based goals and setting yourself up for success! Learn more here:

If you want to learn more about the TBC services, and how DBT skills can help you with your mental health, you can book a free consultation with me here:

Starting Feb 4, I will be hosting a weekly Zoom support group for Friends and Family of BPD. Learn more and sign up for the waitlist here:

Finally, the first instalment of my DBT skills program launches Jan 11. This 4-week group goes over the basics of DBT, and introduces the main skills of the 4 major components of DBT. Learn more here:

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Take Care, and Happy New Year!

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