Counter Clockwise

Counter Clockwise

Welcoming 2021 with a bit of fun! It has been a while since I have been inspired to create. I was scrolling through some of my videos, came across this project from June 2019, and put together this video. We were working on a project conceptualizing the Tibetan Medicine Buddha which was performed in two festivals in 2019 and our videographer Joey Calderon @surfwithdolphins got inspired to direct these takes when we were wrapping up. This day was simply joyous, we were laughing the entire time! Dancers: Ruth Fentroy @ruthfentroy, Heather Lipson Bell and me @nicole.c.mathis @whitecradedancetheatre . Special thanks to @maliazimmerman for hosting our project on that glorious day! Looking forward to more!

#whitecranedance #whitecranedancetheatre location #venice #venicepier #venicebeach #venicecalifornia #joy #bliss #fun #inspire

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